Thank You

Thank you to all who have expressed interest in performing at Beaconsfield Festival Of Lights.  

We have now filled in all our slots.

Details of all the stage acts will be added shortly below.


The Bovingdons Stage

Situated on the green in front of the Town hall, we will be showcasing the best of the larger choirs and dance groups.  This year, the Council Green is becoming an integral part of Festival of Lights, with more entertainment, food concessions and drinks concessions being located on the Green.

Town Hall Stage

The back area of the stage itself will be 20ft wide by 8ft deep.  The front section is 18ft wide by 6ft deep.  In front is a 4ft by 4ft access step.

The stage itself is 2ft high.

The Bovingdons Stage Schedule

6pm Claire's Dance Academy

6.20pm Holtspur School

6.40pm Physique Dance (part 2)


Parade begins at 7pm

7.30pm Carol Singing

Straight after Carols - BMOS

7.50pm Rock Choir


8.30pm Beaconsfield High School

KJ Smith Solicitors

KJ Smith Solicitors Stage

As in previous years, this Stage is located at the junction of Gregories Road and Burkes Road. This stage will host some choirs and some of our school acts.

The costa stage

As in previous years, the stage is made up of four tiers each 1m deep and 6m wide. T

From front to back, each tier is 20cm higher. Stairs are provided to all levels and the stage is surrounded by safety barriers.

KJ Smith Solicitors Stage Schedule

5.45pm Hand Bell set up

6.00pm Davenies Hand Bells

6.25pm Butler's Court

6.45pm Claire's Academy Choir

7.00pm Just a Singalong (pausing for parade passing then starting again)


8.00pm St Mary's All Saints 

8.30pm Beaconsfield Ladies Ensemble

The Structures4 Stage

Situated in the high street outside Boots, this stage is more intimate, with soloists, duets and trios making up the entertainment.

The boots stage

The stage itself will be 8ft wide by 6ft deep, at a height of 2ft.

Boots Stage Schedule

6.00pm Physique Dance (part 1)

6.15pm - up to 7.00pm BMOS, Michelle & daughter

Pause for parade

7.30pm-9.00pm up to 7.00pm BMOS, Michelle & daughter