Our History

Beaconsfield Festival of Lights was started in the late 1980s by Beaconsfield Chamber of Commerce as a late night shopping evening. Over the years the event grew and raised significant amounts for charity. In recent years the organisation of the event has been taken over by the local Rotary clubs.

Funding for the event

Beaconsfield Festival of Lights needs to raise all of the money required to run the event. It has small donations from Beaconsfield Town Council and a local charity. Its continued existence is only possible through the hard work of volunteers and the generosity of community-minded local businesses.

We are a charity

Beaconsfield Festival of Lights is a registered charity (charity number 1071826). All funds raised are used to put on the event and add to its attractions. The event does aim to assist local charities in their fund raising activities with reduced prices for stalls at the event. Many stall holders also raise money for charitable causes and Beaconsfield Festival of Lights itself organises a raffle to raise funds for nominated worthwhile local causes. The event also benefits local businesses as the Festival of Lights becomes a focal point for many them to attract new customers as well as generate Christmas sales.

Beaconsfield Festival of Lights is always grateful to receive assistance from individuals and local businesses in the form of equipment for the event and volunteers to organise the event or voluntering to help on the night of the event.

If you can assist do contact us.